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Another Block is another Tetris® clone, developed in C#. It is still a basic game, with no special features, but we intend to implement several different features that we hope will make it more attractive.

This game was created with the intention to help people give their first steps in game programming, since one of our philosophies is to teach people what we know.

The initial development of this game was inspired by an article written by Geoff Howland, published in, called How Do I Make Games? A Path to Game Development. The article can be read here: In this article, Mr. Howland writes two very important things, for those who want to start developing games: you have to start small, and work your way up, because game development is something that you learn with a lot of experience; and that Tetris® is a perfect game to begin a game development journey, since it has all the elements found in every game, although it is simple to make, and it doesn't need a lot of design. We agree with Mr. Howland, and we would like to thank him for that very good article.

One small but annoying legal detail, that I have to write here: Tetris® is a registered trademark of Tetris Company, and Another Block is not an official Tetris® game.

This is a first not very nice version of our homepage... :) Sorry about that!


Version History
* * * * *
  - Another article (the fourth) has been written, but there's still more to write;
  - The interface has been translated to Portuguese (Brazil);
  - The help file has been translated to Portuguese (Brazil);
  - Setup now is done in InnoSetup, instead of Windows Installer;
  - Sounds were changed from the first experimental to the second experience;
  - The possibility of music is implemented, still without final music;
  - Changed sound support from DirectSound to nBASS, so DirectX is not needed anymore;
  - The "Reset Scores" function has been implemented, to erase the high scores;
  - The game board now gets blank when the game is paused.

* * * * *
  - The straight (I) block now starts horizontal;
  - Three articles have been written, but there's still more to write;
  - The game pauses when the application loses its focus;
  - The blocks became 21x21 pixel, instead of 20x20;
  - Now each brick can have a different image, and the blocks are different;
  - The first version of the final interface concept has been released with the source code;
  - The interval of when the block first starts to fall is not constant anymore;
  - Sound support has been implemented.

* * * * *
  - This is the first version, there are no "changes";
  - This version has full functionality, but the interface is not very good and there are some issues regarding playability that should be better;
  - The promissed articles about how to develop a Tetris® clone like Another Block are still just a promisse. Logo Support This Project


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