Developing a Tetris® Clone

(by Felipe Martino Gagno Ceotto – Tempo Software e Serviços Ltda.)


This series of articles will teach you how to develop a Tetris® clone with managed code. The language I chose is C#, and it’s expected that you are already familiar with it. I will also present some UML, and I hope you are familiar with that too. I will try to keep the emphasis in the game engine development and in the game architecture, instead of being too much language specific.


Liked the sound of it? Well, let’s begin.


Oh, yeah… Before we do anything, let me tell you why, every time I write the word Tetris®, I put the ® in front of it. Tetris® is a trademark of the Tetris Company, owned by Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris®. You can’t call your game Tetris®, and you can’t even put the syllable “tris” in it. Yes. He owns the rights for that too.




Introduction – Why Tetris®?

            In this article you will read why we started with Tetris®, instead of another more complex or more fun game.


Development Environment – Tools and Other Stuff

            In this article I will explain the tools we will use, and why them. I also say something about some best practices to adopt when developing games and systems in general.


Architecture – The Project

            In this article I will present the stages of development, and we'll start the project for the first stage - the game engine. The first draft of a project will rise.


Architecture – The Interface

            In this article I will present the interface project, and will tell you to draw your own interface, according to what we need.

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